Veda Drishti: The sight of knowledge


"Arise! Awake! And worship Agni oh people of Bharata!"

Where we are

We are living in a turbulent, chaotic and ignorant world. From millennia to centuries to decades the teachings of the Vedas have been silently butchered mostly by the so called secular, ignorant, and Hindu hating fanatics (some of who are Hindus themselves!) with little forethought on our cultural and spiritual survival as a human race. The vast knowledge of the Veda, the grand teachings of our sages, rishis and ancestors and the lives of great spiritual giants such as Rama, Yudhistira, Vyasā and down to Ācharyas like Sankarā, Vidyāranya, Vyasa-thirta, Raghavendra, Bhodhendra and so on (list can fill volumes in libraries) are being obliterated in arrogance and fear by foreign powers and monotheistic religions as they continually fear the greatness of the Vedā. This is not fear mongering, but a realistic sight of the nature of the world. Even today, only a small number of Brahmins actually practice their religion and culture where-as most are deeply drenched in the alcohol fueled delusion known as māya.

Where we wish to be

The world as a whole needs reform. No individual can do so, however, if every individual puts in effort to learn about the lives of our great teachers, warriors, kings and nobles we can attempt to emulate some if not all of their qualities. Swami Vivekananda states " A group of people, united in thought word and deed, can throw the world off its hinges " This is where Veda Drishti wishes to focus on. Our interest is to show the world the beauty and the complexity of the Veda and not as the British put it "a bunch of hymns made
up by bards and weary travelers" The Veda declared the sun in the center of the solar system well before the medieval Christians accepted the Earth was not flat. Our rishis were performing brain surgery (see Sushruta) when Romans were throwing slaves into lion infested pits. The god-incarnate of Mahavishnu was bequeathing the complex philosophical treatise of the Bhagavad Gita to the great warrior king Arjuna when Moses attempted to instill 10 commandments to a barbaric group of savages who fled enslavement. This is what we wish to dawn onto humanity, the teachings of the Veda, the ithihāsas of Mahabhārata and the Ramāyana and most importantly the Bhagavad Gita.